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Pasticceria Perlini History

pasticceria verona

It all began with Clorindo Perlini. Enzo’s father is the starting point for this story and for the activity that is now in the hands of Diego and Daniela Venturi.

Clorindo worked for the Pasticerria Olivo in Verona’s Piazza Brà during the first decade of the 1900s. Having mastered his art, he opened a series of shops where his four children – Guido, Marcello, Rina, and Enzo – worked.

The photo on the left, dated 1912, shows the staff of the then-prestigious Pasticceria Olivo, with the head-pastry chef, Clorindo Perlini, seated in the centre surrounded by young collaborators, one of whom was particularly talented; the youth standing behind Clorindo holding a sign and a mixing bowl for making pastry cream is Ruggero Bauli, whose name we know today for the successful company he founded based on artisanal traditions of the time.

The Pasticceria Perlini, on the other hand, began its ascension in a small shop in via Cappello in the centre of Verona, where it remained for 37 years under the watchful guidance of Enzo Perlini.

Here Perlini realized his talent as a pastry chef to the fullest, winning national competitions and awards. For many years he served as president of the Pastry Chefs of Verona and its provinces and in 1985 became National Advisor to the Pastry Chefs of Italy. In 1980, in Rome, he was awarded the “Ercole d’Oro”, a title conferred on the most prestigious European businesses.

In 1987, Cavalier Enzo decided to close the shop in via Cappello, thinking the moment to retire had arrived. Yet shortly thereafter, in 1988 at the young age of 73, he opened a new shop with the invaluable assistance of his young apprentice, Diego Venturi. And thus a new chapter in the story began, with the shop at number 7, via Verdi, the present site of the pastry shop in Verona’s Borgo Venezia.

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